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At Nordberg Eco Solutions, we pride ourselves in helping you keep your rig up and running.  

Waiting for the DPF cleaning service lights to come on makes as much sense as waiting for the low oil light to let you know when it is time to service your rig.   

Nobody knows your rig like you do.  It doesn't make sense to let your rig tell you it needs service while you are enroute on a 'hot load.'  Wouldn't you rather anticipate the time and place to park your rig for service, instead of along side the highway?  As you know, DOWNTIME away from home is costly.

You need to learn how your system reacts to the duty cycle that you operate.  Every truck and route is different.  Here are a few things to watch for:
1) Mileage.  
2) Performance over the same or similar route.
3) Throttle / Turbo Response.
4) Regen Frequency.
Each of these items will give you a clue as to how well the system is working.  Then, if you like, we can help you develop a plan that will make sense for your operation.
Current Certifications:
Hug Engineering - Certified Service Center

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